The staff teams at learning disability services Ashley Drive and Cressex Road in High Wycombe were delighted to be named as winners of the award for Sustainability in the annual Buckinghamshire Dignity in Care Awards. The winner was decided by public vote and announced at an award ceremony at Buckinghamshire District Council on 2nd May 2018. 

The two services were jointly shortlisted for the support that goes above and beyond for service users in a way that promotes dignity, respect and well-being. 

Ashley Drive is a purpose-built home with staff providing care and support for six adults with profound learning and physical disabilities. Staff in nearby, Cressex Road, also provide dedicated support for individuals with complex needs.

The staff at Ashley Drive helped Janice Hurrell’s daughter to eat proper meals again rather than through a tube. She said:

“At one stage my daughter was 5.5 stone and now she’s 9 stone. It’s a delight to see her eating again. I think her quality of life is better now and she’s got a more normal life. People with Rhett’s Syndrome and epilepsy don’t normally go from PEG feeding back to solid food. We’re defying the prognosis! ”

Cressex Road teamTheresa, the sister of a Cressex Road resident who has Downs Syndrome and dementia, said of the staff team:

“The team have shown nothing but respect and care for my brother. The team has really gone the extra mile. Some services would have said – ‘his needs are too great’ or ‘ he should move to a nursing home’. This team has recognized that this is his home, that the other people who live there know him well (and ask about him); that this is the best place for him to be. So they have made it happen.”

The Buckinghamshire Dignity in Care Awards were created to celebrate outstanding examples of how respect and dignity are demonstrated across the county.

David Black, Head of Care and Supported Services at Hightown Housing Association said:
“We are so pleased that the staff at Ashley Drive and Cressex Road have received this award for their dedication and commitment to high quality care. There was stiff competition and it was excellent to see so much good practice going on in the county. We put both teams forward because we felt that they were truly deserving of recognition. In the face of significant challenges, they have gone above and beyond to improve the quality of life for the service users that they care for.