We work in partnership with a range of professionals to support our residents and to keep your community safe. 

Community Safety Teams

We work in collaboration with other professionals such as the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Local Authorities, Health Partners and Probation to discuss concerns, work together and create an action plan to make your community a safe place to live, work and visit.

Fire Service

We work with the Fire Service to keep your home safe from the risk of fire. 

The fire service also conducts home fire safety visits, as well as 'safe and well' visits.

Contact your local fire service for details. 


Mediation is a way to mend relationships when there is a disagreement. The mediator is impartial. This means they do not take sides. They're there to help everyone involved find a solution they can all agree to.

If you need a mediator then we can make a referral to Mediation Herts.

They offer an independent and impartial lifeline to those experiencing issues within the community, family, school or workplace environment. 

Their success lies in their ability to resolve conflict and rebuild relationships.

Adult Social Services

Adult Social Services aim to help people stay independent, safe and well so they can live the lives they want to, as well as provide wider support to help people stay active and engaged in their communities.

Social Services can provide information and advice about care and support to all residents, offer short term help and options for longer term support if people have more complex needs.

If you think you or someone you know is being abused, or neglected you can making a safeguarding referral. Find out who to speak to.

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Community Mental Health teams

The Community Mental Health team support residents who live with a mental health condition.

They support people with short term and long term care and also support residents to be independent in their home and community. 

For more information about local mental health services, choose your location and follow the link:

Your wellbeing

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    Support and advice

    We understand that many people are facing concerns over the cost-of-living. In this section you can find useful information about money matters, work, your wellbeing and staying safe in your home.