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Robert Scarff (38)


Four walls to call a home

Hightown's general needs resident Robert had experienced different forms of homelessness, such as so…

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someone handing someone else a set of keys in front of a brick wall


Ensuring Health & Safety inspections through access injunctions

The health and safety of our residents is our top priority so it is vital that gas, electrical fixed…

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Hightown resident and her two children smiling and playing in the living area.


Preparing for new standards for social housing tenants – can you help?

Like all social housing landlords, Hightown has to comply with strict standards which are set by the…

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Resident and property services inspector are outside talking through notes.


Get involved with our decision making

The Board is currently looking at different options for residents to be more involved at a strategic…

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Hightown resident and her son in facepaint and posing with a selfie frame at a summer resident involvement event


Annual Report for Residents 2022/23

Our latest Annual Report for Residents is now available.

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