With the rising cost of living we know it's not easy to manage your finances, especially if you're on a low income, or support a family with additional needs.

Our team can support you with some basic budgeting advice and help you to focus on the priority payments.

Budgeting your money

To help you manage your money we recommend that you create a simple monthly household budget by using an online planner.

This will help you to set out what you can afford to spend and will highlight things you can cut back on. 

Budget planner

Prioritising bills and payments

We can help you to prioritise payments for your most important bills that will give you security in your home - such as rent, utility bills and Council Tax. 

If you're struggling with debt payments then we can also help you to prioritise your payments by focusing on the priority debt.

What is a Priority debt?
  • A priority debt may not be the largest of your outgoings, but often involves services that could result in you losing something if they go unpaid.
  • In the most extreme situations this could involve losing your home, having your electricity cut off, or repossession of goods.

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Worried about debt?

If you're worried about debt then we can help by signposting you to the experts who can offer professional, debt advice.

Debt advice

Can my Benefits be paid to you directly? 
  • Yes, in certain circumstances we can request that your Housing Benefit or housing element of Universal Credit is paid directly to us. If you’re having difficulty with meeting your rent costs, please get in touch with your Income Recovery Officer who can advise you further. 
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    Be scam aware!

    It is important to always keep an eye out for any scams, they can and do affect everyone.