What help can I get?

We know that many people need extra support with their income and may need financial support to help them meet the rising cost of living, or to pay for additional services linked to a health concern.

Our Financial Inclusion Officers can advise you on the many different types of benefits you could be eligible for.

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You can also look online at a benefits calculator to find out what you are entitled to and visit the GOV.UK website to research all types of benefits that are available.

Benefits calculator

List of GOV.UK Benefits

Did you know?

Millions of pounds of benefits go unclaimed every year. It's important to check what you're entitled to so that you don't miss out on getting help. 


Check if you're eligible for free childcare at GOV.UK

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Free school meals

To obtain this you need to apply via your local council for your area, see link below

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Top tips for managing your benefits

  • Always read letters from benefit agencies and ask questions if you are unsure about anything.  

  • Always get advice if you are not sure - either by calling the benefit agency direct, or by seeking advice from an independent organisation (or both). 

  • Wherever possible, try to confirm all correspondence in writing so you can refer to it later if need be. 

  • It’s worth knowing that not all benefits are dealt with by the same agency. For example - Universal Credit is administered by the DWP, while Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support/Reduction are dealt with by your Local Authority. Child Benefit and Tax Credits are dealt with by HMRC. 

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A gov.uk webpage talking about universal credit

Migrating to Universal Credit

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Benefit Cap

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