Everyone needs somewhere to park their car but in some neighbourhoods parking is limited. We have different parking systems in place depending on the demand in each area.

Please be fair to your neighbours when you park: use only the space that you need and park sensitively (e.g. avoid parking across marked bays or blocking pathways). On some estates we use parking control to combat problems, such as commuters or shoppers using a Hightown estate for parking.

If you're not sure what the parking arrangement is on your estate, log into MyHightown and contact your Housing Officer.

Parking control

After consulting our residents, we introduced a permit scheme on 75 Hightown estates to deal with the high demand for parking. Our parking contractors are OPC and UK Car Park Management and they cover different sites to carry out random patrols, at different times of day. They check that all cars and vans are displaying the right permit and are parked in the right place, according to the rules on each estate.

They do allow up to 10 minutes for people unloading their cars or who need to get a parking permit from a resident. When vehicles are not parked properly, parking tickets can be issued.

How to contact OPC

For any questions about parking on an estate with OPC parking control, you can call them on 0844 2640711.

You can also use this number to report vehicles that are parking illegally or without permits. You can also send photos in to enquiries@observices.co.uk. If you have a parking ticket and want to appeal it, you will need to contact OPC direct by sending them an email at enquiries@observices.co.uk.

How to contact UK Car Park Management

You can report incorrectly parked vehicles, request new permits and appeal parking tickets by visiting their website.

Three commons myths about parking:

  • "I’m paying for parking control."

    Any parking control is NOT paid for by our residents' service charges.

  • "My parking space is the one next to my house."

    This isn't always the case. Our estates are all different, some will have communal parking and some homes come with a specific parking space. If you live on an estate with communal parking, it is first-come-first-served and we can't guarantee that you can always use your preferred bay.

  • "I can park extra cars or use spaces for my visitors."

    Many of our homes only come with one or two parking spaces and there are often separate, allocated spaces for visitors. If you have more cars or there are no visitors’ spaces available, you will need to park away from the designated areas. It's not ok to use someone else's parking (unless they have agreed) or to block the roads.

Parking spaces and garages to let

Do you need to rent a garage or car parking space?

We have a number of parking spaces available to rent at in Hemel Hempstead and St.Albans.

Please email homeownership@hightownha.org.uk for more information.