Hightown's tenders for services and supply contracts are advertised at


Our tenders range from maintenance and major works, to estate services. Hightown also tenders its building contracts for new developments.

Hightown's Tender Procedure

The procedure depends on the size and value of the tender. For all tenders, once a potential contractor has registered their interest, we send them information which usually includes the tender document and specification. The potential contractors have the opportunity to ask questions - the answers to which will be sent to all applicants.

How Hightown Evaluates Tenders

Hightown looks at value for money when evaluating tenders - not solely who offers the lowest cost. We also take into account the quality of the service/product and how it fits in with Hightown's other strategies for the environment, equality and diversity, and sustainability. The exact evaluation criteria for each tender is explained in the Tender Document.

If you are a tenant and would like to find out how to get involved with the evaluation of Hightown’s tenders, please email procurement.department@hightownha.org.uk.

Responsive Repairs

Hightown's responsive repair orders are not tendered – they are issued to an annually approved list of contractors, reducing the risk involved in relying on one or two large contractors.

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