• For most properties, Hightown owns the freehold of the building and so you do not need to take out your own building insurance if you are a shared owner or leaseholder.
  • In a few cases, Hightown does not own the freehold and so the Managing Agent (who manages the building), will be responsible for providing the building insurance.
  • You will always need to purchase your own contents insurance.


  • If you are a shared owner, Hightown will arrange and manage the building insurance for your property.
  • If you are a freeholder, you will need to arrange your own building insurance.
  • You will always need to purchase your own contents insurance.

If you're not sure who provides your building's insurance, please contact the Home Ownership team either by emailing homeownership@hightownha.org.uk or calling 01442 292535.

Download a copy of Hightown's building insurance

How to make a claim

As a shared owner/leaseholder, you are required to make the claim yourself directly with the building insurance company.

Please see the below information from the building insurance company, Arthur J Gallagher Housing, regarding how to make a claim:

In an emergency you should take any immediate action required to protect your property from further damage, such as boarding up, switching off gas, water, or electricity.

Please note: that for a claim to be considered, the damage must have occurred within the policy period and have been caused by an event the policy covers e.g. fire, water, storm, theft etc. 

Refer to your policy summary for details of insured events. Any settlement will be subject to the deduction of any applicable policy excess.

When making a claim, you can appoint your own contractor to undertake repairs. If you use your own contractor:

  1. Take photographs of the damages.
  2. Obtain 2 competitive written estimates in respect of the repairs required.
  3. Forward the above to Arthur J Gallagher Housing for consideration under the terms of the policy.
  4. If your claim is accepted Arthur J Gallagher Housing will contact you to confirm that you may proceed with the repairs.
  5. Upon completion of repairs please forward the final invoice to Arthur J Gallagher Housing confirming that you are satisfied with the repairs and to whom the settlement cheque should be made payable to.

Alternatively, if you are having difficulty in obtaining 2 competitive estimates, please return your completed claim form to Arthur J Gallagher Housing and they may be able to appoint an approved Building Repair Network contractor to inspect and assess the repairs accordingly.

Upon receipt, Arthur J Gallagher Housing will arrange for the settlement to be issued.

During office hours, please contact the Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited claims department on 01245 341222 or 01245 341200.

If there has been serious damage or loss the insurance company will need to send a Loss Adjuster before anything can be repaired.

To contact the Home Ownership team, please email homeownership@hightownha.org.uk or call 01442 292535.