Jason admits he was struggling when he found himself in temporary accommodation two years ago and was referred to Hightown to be housed. Jason who has mental health needs and has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past, was keen to move into a permanent home as soon as he could. He had initial reservations about how long he might have to wait to be offered a property but was relieved when the wait wasn't too long. 

Jason was pleasantly surprised when he was given the chance to rent a one-bedroom flat in rural Buckinghamshire by the Hightown Lettings team. It wasn't an area he was familiar with but Jason accepted the offer and was thrilled to move into the flat 48 hours later.

At first, Jason was a bit wary of being in completely new surroundings without any friends or family nearby. However, the rural village location proved to be friendly and his neighbours soon introduced themselves and he began to see how friendly and trusting people in the village are. Having grown up in a similar rural location in the Midlands, Jason soon felt part of the community and absolutely loves living in the village. During the pandemic, his neighbours who are aware of his mental health needs, have constantly checked in on him and even offered to help with his shopping or pick up his prescriptions. 

What has surprised Jason is the continued support that Hightown has offered and the way staff at Hightown have been sensitive to his mental health needs. He's been grateful for the welfare checks and when a couple of repairs were needed to his flat they were sorted out quickly. When his tenancy reviews have come round, he's always felt the staff have been courteous. 

Jason has now been in his Hightown property for 16 months and is over 600 days sober. He feels being offered the right property in a peaceful rural setting, at the right time has helped him start his life all over again. The support of his neighbours has also made all the difference.

 As Jason puts it:

"Being offered this property at the right time, saved me. I don't think I'd be here without it."