Hightown Housing Association has submitted a planning application to build 63 new homes in Chesham for people unable to rent or buy at market rates. 

The new development will be located at the Preston Hill House site, just off Nashleigh Hill, with the current warehouse and offices making way for the new homes. 

The rented homes will be allocated to those on the council’s housing register and the shared ownership homes will offer people an affordable route into home ownership.

There will be 13 three bedroom houses and 50 one and two bedroom flats. All the flats will have their own private balconies and the houses will all have gardens. There is also a central open space for residents to enjoy.

Subject to obtaining the necessary planning permission, Hightown would hope to start construction in autumn 2021, and complete by spring 2023. The proposed redevelopment of the site would make effective use of Brownfield land, thus reducing pressure on the greenbelt, whilst making a valuable contribution to the shortage of affordable housing in the Borough.

The new homes will be well-served by public transport, with a bus stop nearby and train station and London Underground service a short walk away. Residents will also be able to walk to the town centre to access its range of shops, restaurants and amenities.

Andrew Royall, Development Director for Hightown Housing Association, said:

“These exciting plans will be a real boost for people in need of affordable housing in Chesham. Hightown is the fastest growing housing association in the country and this is a great example of our ambition to build more affordable homes to help fix the housing crisis."