In honour of the Paralympic Games, staff from Hightown Housing Association hosted a sports day in High Wycombe for care and supported housing service users with learning disabilities.  

Care and support staff and service users had a fabulous time at the sports event held at Rye Park in High Wycombe. Over 50 service users and staff from 11 Hightown care and support schemes in Buckinghamshire attended the event, providing an opportunity to come together and promote wellbeing.

There were a number of activities to enjoy throughout the day, including an egg and spoon race, relay races, individual races, beanbag throwing and a mini obstacle course. Service users also enjoyed playing games such as hoopla and shoot football, whilst watching some of the sports activities taking place.

The event was organised to celebrate the Paralympics and took place on the same day as the opening ceremony for the games. Staff members pushed service users in wheelchairs so they did not miss any of the activities. Fruit and other healthy snacks were provided to encourage discussion about the importance of healthy eating and having a balanced diet.

Mongisto Ncube, Head of Care and Supported Housing in Buckinghamshire, said:

“At Hightown Support, we recognise the importance of promoting wellbeing amongst the people we support. It was brilliant to see service users reuniting with friends from other support schemes after what has been a challenging year. The event was designed to inspire individuals with different abilities, promoting physical activity for all levels in a very inclusive way. These kind of events provide a great opportunity for us to bring staff and service users from different schemes together for some good fun!”

Service user feedback:

Anna, care and support service user from High Wycombe who is non-verbal gave a huge smile and double thumbs up.

Anita, care and support service user from Aylesbury said "It was really good and I can't wait for the next event!"

Susan, care and support service user from High Wycombe said "I had a great time, enjoyed all the races and thought it was funny to see everyone wearing different hats!"