We are proud to announce that Hightown care registered home, The Crossings, has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award. 

The Crossings, a registered care home in Wendover, near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, providing support for three people with profound physical and learning disabilities, has been nominated for Care and Support Team of the Year at the 2018 Housing Heroes Awards which are set to take place on 25th June. 

The annual awards are jointly organised by the Chartered Institute of Housing and Inside Housing to celebrate the unsung heroes of the housing world. 

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Staff at The Crossings, who were recognised for going above and beyond to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable people, have strived to create personalised, flexible care to suit the needs of each service user.

For one service user who is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair, staff worked closely with her occupational therapist and managed to acquire a walking aid to give her more independence. The walking aid builds up the muscles needed for her to walk on her own without the risk of falling. It has been life-changing and means she can go for walks outside with the others and join in with cooking.

Mrs Blakely, whose daughter is also a resident at The Crossings, praised the staff’s dedication.  After closely monitoring her daughter’s behaviour and body language, staff created a new support plan based around her individual preferences and noticed a significant improvement in her behaviour. The changes included creating a sensory box personalised with the things she enjoys and changed the activities to new ones she enjoys more.  

While she does not communicate verbally, we’ve noticed that she is brighter, more relaxed and comfortable interacting with others. She now makes eye contact, smiles at others and sits beside other residents in the living room. She also giggles and laughs with staff members now which is an entirely new form of communication for her.

Mrs Blakely, mother of service user at The Crossings

Mrs Blakely added:

“We’ve been astonished by the changes in just a few years. In hospital, she never went out; they found her too hard to cope with. Now she goes to restaurants and spends time in the living room with the others. She would never have done that before. She’s more attentive and pleased to see us. This is as good as it gets. We would recommend it to anyone.”

David Black, Head of Care and Supported Housing Services at Hightown Housing Association said:

“Our staff at The Crossings do a remarkable job creating personalised flexible care that really makes a difference to service users.  We are delighted with the nomination and are pleased to see the team getting some recognition for their dedication.”


Award winners will be announced on Monday 25th June 2018.

For more information, please visit the our scheme page for The Crossings or click here to find out more about Hightown's care and supported housing services.