• Give access to Hightown staff and the contractors to carry out work such as regular gas and electricity safety checks. 

Be prepared if there is a fire

  • Ensure fire doors are kept closed.

  • Keep halls and landings clear so that you and your family can escape quickly and easily, even in the dark.

  • Make sure you, your family and visitors know how to escape from your home - practice your plan of action so everyone knows what to do if there is a fire.

  • Check where the escape routes are in the communal areas in your block of flats.

  • Check any fire safety notices in your block.

  • When locking doors or windows leave keys nearby so people can open them to escape (though they should be kept out of sight of potential intruders).

Reducing the risk

  • It is very important to test smoke alarms/heat detectors regularly (at least monthly). A few minutes of your time will ensure that your alarm is working and could help save the lives of you and your family. If the detector continually beeps, please change the back up battery. Do not disconnect the detector because it keeps beeping; contact our Repairs team by email or phone 01442 292301.

  • Switch off electrical appliances at the socket before going to bed - the high voltage in your TV when it is left on or on stand-by (turned off by the remote control) can cause serious fires.

  • Do not overload extension leads or adaptors – try and keep to one plug per socket, especially for high power appliances like washing machines.

  • Do not cook under the influence of alcohol - people who have been drinking are more likely to leave cooking unattended, sometimes with tragic circumstances.

  • Use an ashtray that cannot tip over and is made of a material that won’t burn. Never smoke in bed.

  • Check cigarettes and candles are put out properly before going to sleep or going out.

  • Try not to store things that burn easily (e.g. stacks of newspapers, videos, cardboard boxes), and never keep them near naked flames.

  • If your electric consumer unit is in a cupboard, do not stack items against it.

  • Slow down the spread of smoke and fire through your home by closing doors off hallways and landings at night.

  • If you have any concerns regarding the fire safety measures within the building (e.g. presence of combustible materials in escape routes) please report these to Hightown immediately.