If you won't be able to easily evacuate your building, please contact us by calling 01442 292300 or email housing.services@hightownha.org.uk so we can arrange a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

If a fire starts and you can't easily leave: 

  • Get everyone into one room, ideally with a window, close the door and wait to be rescued.

  • Open the window and stay near it for fresh air, if it is safe to do so, and to alert people that you are there. If you have a phone, call 999. If not, shout for help so that someone else can phone for you.

  • Put bedding or towels along the bottom of the door to stop smoke and fumes from getting into the room.

  • If you think fire might spread up the outside of the building, then pull down any curtains to prevent them from catching light.

  • Flats and maisonettes are built to give you some protection from fire. Walls, floors and doors will hold back flames and smoke for a time.