We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously.

Hightown is committed to assisting residents to enjoy peace, quiet and security in and around their home.

Hightown recognises that anti-social behaviour can have a severe effect on the wellbeing of residents. We can take action to minimise this through preventative and diversionary measures, enforcement action and support for victims, witnesses and staff.

Types of anti-social behaviour

  • noise nuisance (especially between 11pm and 8am)
  • neighbour disputes
  • verbal abuse
  • threatening or intimidating behaviour (including street drinking and loitering)
  • harassment and intimidation
  • vandalism
  • criminal damage

If your quality of life is being badly affected by other people in your community, please get in touch with us. Depending on who is responsible, we may able to help. 

Reporting anti-social behaviour

In order for us to take action against somebody who is causing anti-social behaviour, then we need to know exactly what happened and when. Anyone who has seen or heard what has happened can be a witness.

Anti-social behaviour can be reported through any means of communication, such as in person, in writing, online, via telephone or through a third party (for example the Police). However, if you believe that the nuisance is being caused by a resident or visitor to St Claire’s we recommend that, in the first instance, you contact the St Claire’s office directly on 01727 843845. This line is manned 24 hrs per day.

If we receive reports of anti-social behaviour whilst staff are on site and we think we can help we will respond immediately by investigating. If appropriate we will try to deal with the matter there and then.

At times when the service is unstaffed, telephone advice will be offered and, depending on the severity of the issue being reported, we may arrange for staff to attend. In the case of low level nuisance, the out-of-hours staff will take relevant details of the complaint over the phone and will pass them onto the St Claire’s team to investigate.

How we deal with anti-social behaviour

There are various ways in which we can tackle anti-social behaviour. We will be able to discuss the most relevant course of action with you. The action we can take will depend on the seriousness of the issue and whether the person causing the nuisance is a Hightown resident. We have listed some example actions below:

Non legal action

  • Warning letters and interviews
  • Mediation
  • Good neighbour agreements
  • Acceptable behaviour agreements

Legal Action

  • Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions
  • Possession Action (eviction)