On a recent visit to Spring Gardens, one of new care and support services in High Wycombe to recently join Hightown, we had the chance to catch up with Sue. Sue has lived at Spring Gardens since 2014 and was part of the service user panel when Hightown was tending to run the service, so she is in the unique position of having interviewed the Operations Manager who now runs the service, Zoe Collins.


Over the last four years, Sue has bonded with the support staff who have helped her in a number of ways. Whether that’s shopping for some new clothes in her favourite sports shops or trips to the cinema. More recently support staff have helped Sue change her surname, navigating her through the various legally paperwork, to help her achieve this.

Support staff when requested, also help Sue with her emails or day-to-day budgeting. Sue was keen to tell us how she really enjoys ‘having a laugh’ with the staff members and enjoys spending time with them. Particular highlights, include day trips to Windsor and London, to take in the Royal Palaces and Castles and other sites.

Keeping fit and healthy has also been important to Sue, she’s proud that she’s been able to lose a bit of weight recently and that’s thanks the support workers encouraging her and even joining her when she goes out jogging.

Having progressed so much, Sue will eventually be looking to move on from living in supported housing, to her own home where she can live independently.