We met with Jade and her daughter who recently moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. See what Jade had to say about her new home!

24 year old Jade and her 2 year old daughter moved into their home in April 2018. Before this Jade was living at her Mum’s house with family in Buckinghamshire. Jade’s new flat is in Chalfont St Peter, close to the town centre with local shops just a short walk away.

Jade said:

“When we first viewed the flat my immediate reaction was "it’s huge!". The 2 bedrooms are both a great size. There is plenty of room for me and my daughter and I absolutely loved the flooring throughout the kitchen and living room.” 

"It’s a really convenient area for us and I like that everything is in walking distance. It's so close to the town centre! There is a path just behind our building that takes you straight to some local shops as well as 2 large parks nearby which I often take my daughter to - she loves it!"

"When I was first offered this apartment I had mixed emotions. I was anxious about moving out of my Mum's house and being further away from my family. However I feel so happy and comfortable now. Moving here has given me and my daughter our own space, and given me more independence."

During the lettings process, Jade worked closely with the team to ensure the process would be as smooth as possible. 

Jade said: 

"The staff at Hightown have been really good. Soon after I moved into my home I noticed that there was small issue with my kitchen flooring. I reported this to the Repairs team and they had it repaired within a week! The floor is perfect now. They have been great."

We wish Jade and her daughter all the best in their new home!