• 07/08/2023

Lorna's story – the difference a home can make

Young woman smiling holding a mug of tea in her kitchen

We recently spoke to Lorna who has moved to Bedford with her young daughter. Lorna was originally from London, but due to family connections and wanting a quieter place to live, she applied to the council's waiting list and was offered a Hightown property.

They have quickly settled into their new home and are enjoying the community spirit they share with the other residents. 

Lorna particularly likes how the house was ready to move into on day one and started creating that feeling of home with her daughter.   Lorna was beaming as she showed us around her new home.

It was great to hear just how much having a home has made a difference to their lives. With Lorna stating, "It has provided a home for us, not just to live in, but to make memories and look forward to new times.  We can now relax as we have a home to call our own and make memories. We can invite people over to see us rather than us visiting others all the time and most importantly, it has allowed my daughter and I to build a closer relationship.".

Lorna also had a good experience with our lettings team, in particular her Lettings Officer Baldeesh Phull who "didn't judge me and appeared to be genuinely happy for me in starting a new life when she handed me the keys."

Lorna's future plans include travelling and, spending time with her daughter at dance recitals and, finally, Lorna is looking forward to decorating her home.

We wish Lorna and her daughter all the best in their new home.