Excess waste and rubbish (particularly food waste) can attract pests such as mice and in some cases rats, if not disposed of correctly. As we start to see colder weather in the coming winter months, rodents may try to enter homes to find warmth and food. To avoid unwanted visitors on your estate and in your home, please ensure all waste is placed in the appropriate bin. 

Large waste items

The removal of large waste items from estates, particularly from bin stores and areas, is a reoccurring issue. Did you know the cost of clearing large items is charged to all residents via the service charge? It is not only the removal of large items that adds to the costs; contamination of the recycling bins with non-recyclable material also incurs a charge from the local authority. In addition to these, there are clearance costs when refuse sacks are left on the floor and hinder the removal of the waste containers.

Please help us, to help you, your neighbours and the environment by using the appropriate bins for your waste. Please do not dump large items in or around the bin store. Larger items such as fridges or furniture should be taken to your local recycling centre. 

Find your local recycling centre

Please remember to check your local household waste recycling centre opening times, as these may be impacted by lockdown restrictions. 

If you are concerned about your bin store being used incorrectly, please contact the Housing team.