Property Alterations

Spring is here, and for some of you that might mean you want a spring clean or spruce of your home! Redecorating a home to your taste can be a super exciting and rewarding experience. However... it is important to check what you can and can't change in your home. 

After moving in to your new home, you may decide that you want to make some alterations to it so that it suits your needs better.  However before making any alterations or improvements to your home please check with your Estates Quality Inspector that you may do so. Certain alterations may not be permitted and as a result, can incur costs to make right. Internal decoration such as painting or adding wallpaper to walls and hanging pictures and installing shelves you do not need permission for. 

If you make alterations and do not report them to your Estates Quality Inspector, this may result in unnecessary costs being charged to you and may also put your home in breach of regulations. For example, if you wanted to replace your flat front door, and have approval to do so, the replacement door must have the appropriate fire ratings otherwise it could breach safety regulations.

Whilst Hightown does not normally object to minor DIY work or decoration, if you live in a newly built property which is less than a year old, you may not be permitted to make any changes to it during the defects period.

If you would like to apply to make alterations to you home, please complete the Home Improvements form on MyHightown, or contact your Estates Quality Inspector. 

For more information please read the   ALTERATIONS LEAFLET