We want you to be able to influence matters that affect your home and community. Taking part in our resident involvement schemes allows you to make an impact on Hightown's levels of service, our policies, and generally provide input and feedback on what we do. The more feedback we receive, the more likely we are to succeed.

All residents are invited to join in any number of our resident involvement activities. There are many ways you can get your views across!

Resident Voice & Scrutiny Panel:

The panel meet quarterly to discuss matters of strategic importance, as well as developing local arrangements against the Regulator’s standards.

The panel helps to:

  • set Hightown’s local standards
  • consider residents’ bids for improvements to estates
  • comment on key policies, strategies and documents
  • provide feedback on resident priorities
  • scrutinise performance information on services of interest to residents
  • review standards of services delivered by touring Estates
  • annually select an area for service review
  • assess resident involvement and community development activity after receiving reports and updates 

Complaints Scrutiny Committee

The committee meets quarterly to observe complaints made in the previous quarter and suggest any measures to prevent similar complaints in future. The meetings take place at Hightown House, Hemel Hempstead.

Estate Champions

Estate Champions act as a representative for the residents on their estate, by raising any concerns about communal areas with the Estates Quality Inspector. Any matters raised by the Estate Champions are followed up by the inspector to ensure that Hightown’s high standards are being maintained within the estate.

As an Estate Champion, you can influence the services provided where you live. 

Focus and Email Groups

When Hightown need feedback on specific services, a focus group or email group is brought together to discuss this. The focus group will attend a meeting in person, whereas the email group will discuss via email messages.

Contractor Selection

Tenants can get involved with the tender process when Hightown is looking to select contractors for works, such as repairs or building maintenance. Providing feedback from the perspective of the tenant can influence the selection. 

Any one of these schemes will provide you with the opportunity to learn new skills, and gain useful experience in the interest of the well being of your community. We will also cover any reasonable expenses, including child care and travel costs.

If you would like to have your voice heard, and are interested in any of our resident involvement schemes, please email involve@hightownha.org.uk or speak with your Housing Officer.