We’re committed to working with our residents to create safe and secure communities. We take Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) very seriously, and understand the impact it can have on your life.

You are responsible for your behaviour, and that of your household members and visitors. If someone allows nuisance or offence to be caused to others, in serious cases, this can lead to legal action and eviction.

At the same time, we should respect the right of people to live in their homes and be tolerant of different lifestyles. You may need to be tolerant of certain behaviour, even if you don’t like it.

Below are some examples of common issues reported to us; some are anti-social behaviour and others are lifestyle differences.



Lifestyle Differences

Hate Crime




Threatening Behaviour






Persistent excessive noise


Noise caused by normal living (eg: closing doors, domestic appliances)


Children playing






Drug dealing


DIY activities


Cooking smells


Neighbour disagreements/personal differences


Occasional parties/celebrations


How can we help?

We can’t directly control the behaviour of other people, but if you are experiencing anti-social behaviour we can, in more serious cases, help by drawing up a plan of actions that can be taken. This is very likely to require you to do things such as keeping logs of incidents and letting us know of issues as they occur.

If you would like to inform us of any anti-social behaviour, please report it on MyHightown, or contact your Housing Officer.