Store items in your home, not communal areas. Everyone else does.

For the safety of all residents, personal items cannot be stored in communal areas, including hallways, stairwells or entrances. 

Hightown is responsible for ensuring that communal areas are kept free from obstructions, many of which may represent a fire hazard or health and safety risk. Therefore it is strictly prohibited for residents to leave items in communal areas, and any such items will be removed. This includes any items in cupboards in communal areas, such as in riser cupboards.

When an item is left in an internal communal area and the owner is easily identifiable, the Caretaker or Property Services Inspector will place a warning sticker on the item, giving three days’ notice for the items to be removed. The owner will also be served with a legal document, called a Tort Notice, which can be served on the owner of an item which is left abandoned on private land. The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 also allows landlords to dispose of goods, if reasonable efforts to trace the owner fail. A notice would be sent to the whole block if we don’t know who left the item in the communal area.

If the items are not claimed and collected within this period of time, the items will be removed by a caretaker and stored for 28 days. If the items are not collected within the 28 days, they will be disposed of. Residents will also be charged fees for the collection, storage and admin process.

If objects found in a communal space present a significant fire or health and safety risk, they may be removed without prior warning. This also applies to items posing a significant fire or health and safety risk stored in any external areas, such as communal gardens. 

If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact your Property Services Inspector.