What is illegal subletting?

Illegal Subletting is a type of tenancy fraud (a criminal offence), where the legal tenant moves out and sublets the whole of the property, either to an individual household or subletting each room individually to make a profit.

Why does Hightown need to tackle illegal subletting?

By recovering properties from tenants who commit tenancy fraud, we ensure our homes go to people in genuine need.

A recent case

Hightown recently went to Court for a case of illegal subletting, and were given possession of the property. The tenant had moved out and sublet the property at a higher rent than Hightown charged so was making a profit. Hightown staff carried out an investigation and gathered evidence before serving notice on the tenant and applying to Court for possession.

We also worked with the Local Authority to secure a criminal prosecution. The former tenant was convicted and received a fine. They were ordered to pay back the profit they had made from illegally subletting their property, as well as the costs of taking the case to Court. The total they have been ordered to pay is over £7,000.

What to do if you suspect illegal subletting

If you know about someone illegally subletting their Hightown home, please let us know in confidence. You can report tenancy fraud via our website or contact us on 01442 292300 or email fraud@hightownha.org.uk