STAR Survey Q&A

Q. What is a STAR survey?
A. Feedback on how we are doing is really important for Hightown. Currently, we undertake a major survey every two years to find out how satisfied you are with your home and the service provided by Hightown. This is in addition to the feedback we ask for shortly after you have purchased a Hightown home.

Q. How do we decide what questions to ask?
A. We use a company called Housemark to carry out the surveys who has developed a suite of questions for shared owners and leaseholders. This enables us to track our performance over time and benchmark with similar housing providers.

Q. Who received a survey?
A. We sent out 1569 surveys and received 439 completed forms back. We received responses from:
Shared owners – 55%
General leaseholders – 31%
Retirement leaseholders – 14 %

Q. Why is it important?
A. We really value your feedback as it allows us to review what we are doing well and identify areas where we need to improve. We use your feedback to better understand what you are finding is working well and to amplify and replicate this. We also use your feedback to review our processes and practices and create action plans to improve services and satisfaction levels.

STAR Survey Feedback

What the majority of homeowners said they liked about Hightown:

• Hightown put appropriate fire exit signage in communal areas
• Hightown provides a home that is safe and secure
• The overall quality of their home

Areas where homeowners said they want us to do better:

• Improve the effectiveness of our communications
• Ensure that service charge statements are easier to understand
• Improve the cleaning and maintenance to communal areas, while keeping costs low
• Better maintain and repair external building areas, while keeping costs low and delivering good value for money

What are the next steps?

We will be setting up focus groups with our homeowners to get a better understanding of what the current issues are, how we can support you and how we can work together to make a positive difference.

We will also be making a charitable donation to our chosen charity, Hertfordshire Mind Network for each person that attends our first focus group.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to be involved in a focus group please email the homeownership team at

We are hoping to have our first focus group meeting before the end of July 2021.

There are also other ways that you can become involved, please visit our resident involvement webpage for more information.