Hightown has published its 2016/17 Value for Money Self-Assessment.  This report looks in detail at how we operate and compares us to other housing associations.

Our involved residents have picked their 'Top 10' highlights from the report and helped us to put together a jargon buster. (click to expand)

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Why Hightown produces a Value for Money Self-Assessment

Like all housing associations, Hightown is regulated by the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA for short). The role of the HCA is to make sure that housing associations are well governed, financially sound and provide a good service to residents. One of the standards that they expect housing associations to meet is that they should provide Value for Money (VfM) and we have to publish a Value for Money Self-Assessment each year to demonstrate how we are meeting the VfM standard.

How Hightown gets the information it needs to compare its performance with others

Throughout the report you will see mention of HouseMark and how Hightown are ‘benchmarked’ against other housing associations. We felt it was important to explain who HouseMark are and what benchmarking is. One of the ways in which Hightown measures the efficiency of the services we provide is through our membership of HouseMark. HouseMark is a not-for-profit organisation that measures the performance and cost of services provided by housing associations and compares them against other, similar housing associations. This is called benchmarking.

HouseMark benchmark eight service areas, rating each area for cost, for example high cost or low cost, and performance, ranging from good performance to poor performance. Hightown provide all of the services at a low cost compared to other housing associations. Some are performing well when compared to others and others less so.