Hightown is responsible for ensuring that communal areas are kept free from obstructions, many of which may represent a fire hazard. This includes communal bin stores.

Items in communal areas

It is strictly prohibited for residents to leave items in communal areas, and any such items will be removed. This includes any items in cupboards in communal areas, such as in riser cupboards. Hightown will always dispose of perishable or hazardous goods, as well as anything that appears to be rubbish. Should items be removed from communal areas, recharges will be applied to the estate. Where individual properties can be identified, recharges will be allocated to those properties accordingly.

Correct use of bin stores

In respect of bin stores, bagged household waste should be disposed of in the correct bins provided. If items are placed in the incorrect bins, such as food waste in recycling bins, this may result in contamination whereby the council's refuge department may refuse to collect the rubbish. This can result in an additional recharge to cover the costs to clear the area. 

For the disposal of large items, residents are reminded to contact the appropriate local authority who can provide a collection service. Where bulk items are left in the bin stores without arranging collection or notifying Hightown, recharges for their removal will be applied to the estate or individual properties where identifiable. Please remember that cardboard boxes must be broken down to fit into the bins. All household waste should be placed in bags or bin liners. 

If you have any concerns regarding waste on your estate, please contact your Property Services Inspector or email the team