Mystery shopping

We have relaunched our programme of Mystery Shopping, which is a way for our residents to give us feedback on their experience when they contact us. We don’t tell our staff who the mystery shoppers are. Our volunteer mystery shoppers are given a question or scenario and are asked to telephone or email our offices and give feedback on the service they receive and whether it meets the standards outlined in our Customer Charter.

Being a mystery shopper requires the amount of commitment that suits you as you are able to carry out the ‘shops’ from the comfort of your own home and it is your decision on how many ‘shops’ you carry out, there is no minimum requirement.

The feedback we receive from mystery shopping is used to help us improve our services, and we give feedback to each mystery shoppers about any actions taken following their mystery shop.

Task and Finish group

We are setting up Task and Finish groups to consult residents on important matters, such as proposed changes to our policies. These groups are set up, as and when needed, to carry out a particular task; so your commitment is just to the point at which the work of the group has finished.

You would be asked to provide feedback and make suggestions for changes and improvements. As an example, the latest policy to be reviewed in this way is the Anti–Social Behaviour policy, and we will be organising a group to review the Neighbourhood Management policy later in the year.

Being part of a Task and Finish Group requires a commitment to read papers and make notes to help you feedback your views, but this can be done in the comfort of your home through email, phone calls or by post. Your involvement will directly impact policies significant to the delivery of Hightown’s services.

Get in touch!

We will provide the relevant support and training to anyone that wishes to get involved. If you would like to know more about these schemes or make suggestions for Resident Involvement ideas please get in touch!

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