Candles, cigarettes and chip pans have all been causes of fires in residents’ homes recently. Follow these tips to ensure this doesn’t happen to you:

  • Regularly test your smoke alarms
  • Switch off your electrical appliances at the socket before you go to bed
  • Don't cook whilst under the influence of alcohol
  • Never fill a chip pan more than a third full of oil and don't attempt to put out a fire with water
  • Put out candles properly before you go to sleep or leave your home
  • Don't store materials such as newspapers and cardboard boxes as these can increase the intensity of a fire
  • Keep your hallways and landings clear of any items that could trip up, slow down or stop you from escaping
  • Close doors and when locking doors or windows at night, ensure that the key is kept nearby so no-one will be trapped when trying to escape.