The importance of fire doors

It is essential that communal fire doors are not propped open as this can affect the safety of residents and visitors in the event of a fire.  If a fire door is closed it can help to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and allow residents and visitors to escape the building safely.

If you see a fire door wedged open, please close it.  If you notice a fault with a fire door, please report it.

Remember fires can start very easily and things can very quickly get out of control.  These are some examples of where things have gone wrong in Hightown properties:


Don't block your exits!

Similarly, items left in communal hallways and stairwells can prevent people escaping the building safely and items must not be left in communal areas, or shared loft spaces as this can help a to fire spread.

This includes everything from decorative items to bicycles. When inspecting these areas Estates Quality Inspectors will place notices on items to warn the owner that they will be removed. Removal costs will be added to your service charge unless we know who left the items and are able to charge them directly. Valuable items will be stored for up to 28 days and will be available for collection by prior appointment.  An administration charge of £15 will be payable before any items are released back to you which will be in addition to the costs incurred for removing the items.  Note: Items of little value will be disposed of.

For further fire safety advice please check out our  Fire Safety Tips

Or download our leaflet   Fire Safety at home