The Government is actively encouraging UK residents to switch to electric vehicles and as a result, Hightown has received an increase in enquiries surrounding the installation of electric car charging points.

Hightown is also committed to encouraging a move towards electric vehicles. If you are considering purchasing an electric car please contact Hightown beforehand. We can help with queries regarding whether you will be able to install an electric charging point at your property before you purchase the vehicle. It is likely that under the terms of your lease, you will need Hightown’s consent for a car charging point.

If you have a parking space that is not directly adjacent to your property and you need to cross a public pathway or highway to reach your vehicle it is unlikely that you will be able to install a charging point. If this is the case, please check what local charging options there are as these are increasing all the time.

If your property is suitable for a charging point and we are able to provide consent, you may be able to obtain a Government grant towards the installation costs. Follow the link below for more information:

 Grants for low emission vehicles