Why am I being charged for this?  

If you, your family, any visitors or pets damage any part of your home, you must repair it at your own expense. If Hightown carries out any repair for which you as a tenant are liable we will charge you for the cost of that work, plus an administration charge. It may be cheaper for you to arrange for the repair yourself.

All gas appliance and electrical repairs must be carried out by qualified engineers. We may inspect any work that has been completed and if the repairs that you have arranged have not been carried out to a reasonable standard you may be charged to have work corrected by one of our contractors.

We may also charge if we have to repair broken doors or windows to make your home secure (unless you have a crime number). 

What is your responsibility? 

  • Pests are generally tenant responsibility as they are most commonly present due to hygiene (leaving food out etc). If pests are found in communal areas, please contact our Repairs team
  • Battery operated smoke alarms
  • Blocked bath, basin or sink
  • Damaged bath panels, plugs and chains
  • Toilet seats, and bathroom fixtures such as toilet roll holders
  • Shower curtains
  • Supply and maintenance of either a TV aerial, satellite or cable (if you live in a property which does not share a communal system)
  • Light bulbs
  • Decoration including the application of paint and wallpaper
  • Garden maintenance including pond management, trellis, sheds, decking or plants

For a full list of the repairs you are responsible for, please read the Repairs Handbook

To report a repair:

Log into MyHightown

Call 01442 292301

Email Repairs