Are you using your bin store correctly?

Did you know? Leaving large items in communal bin stores can leave you and your neighbours out of pocket. 

Removing large items from estates, particularly bin stores, is a big issue and the cost of clearing these items is charged to all residents.

It's not only the removal that adds to the costs, contaminating recycling and non-recyclable material also incurs a charge from the council. There are clearance costs when refuse sacks are left on the floor which make it difficult to remove the waste containers.

We know the majority of our tenants deal with their waste responsibly. For the minority who don't, please help us, to help you, your neighbours and the environment by using the appropriate bins for your waste and take large items to the local recycling centre rather than the bin store. 

If you are unsure which items are recyclable and which are general waste, visit recyclenow.

Please contact your Estates Quality Inspector if you have any questions about your bin store, or believe it is being misused.