If you're worried about debt then we recommend that the first step you take is to get in touch with the following organisations who can look into your debts and offer professional advice.

Step Change

National Debt Line

Christians Against Poverty

Stop Loan Sharks 


What about local debt support?

Your local Council will have a team of officers likely to be in the Local Welfare Provision team or Community Support team who will have local support links that can help with matters such as:

  • Children's school uniform
  • Children's school meals
  • Emergency food provision
  • Plus, a host of other support that can help you in a moment of crisis, or when you've received an unexpected expense.

They may even have access to the Household Support Fund which was introduced specifically to help with essential outgoings for vulnerable residents struggling with rising costs.

You may be able to directly apply for help from the following local support teams.




The Helping Hand Team

Milton Keynes

Local Welfare Provision Team


Local Welfare Assistance Scheme

Central Bedfordshire

Support with the cost of living | Central Bedfordshire Council