Hightown has successful partnerships with local authorities, health authorities, contractors and consultants, regulators and other agencies to provide a wide range of housing and support to meet local needs.

Hightown receives revenue funding from Hertfordshire County Council, Buckinghamshire Council, Bracknell Forest Council and NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups within the Home Counties to provide care and support services.

To build new homes, Hightown takes out loans from banks and raises long term financing from a range of institutional investors through the capital markets or through direct private placement. In 2015 and 2017, retail bonds were issued by Retail Charity Bonds plc who on-lent funds to Hightown. In 2021 Hightown borrowed £100m through a Green Note Purchase Agreement with funding coming from a range of North American investors. The sums borrowed will be repaid from rental income surpluses in future years.

Where made available, we supplement these loans with capital grants and/or free or discounted land from local authorities.

Many of Hightown’s tenants receive help with their rent from housing benefit or Universal Credit funded by local and central government.

Hightown is proud to be a member of PlaceShapers, a national alliance of over 100 community-focused housing associations.