Cleaning & communal areas

If you live in a flat, the hallways, stairs, etc that you share with your neighbours will be cleaned by our contractor, Town & Country Cleaners.  The cost of cleaning communal areas is covered by your service charge.

Our cleaning contractor visits all our estates once a week and we redecorate communal areas every 5 years.

You can use MyHightown to check if our cleaning contactor is coming out to deal with a specific issue (the weekly clean will not be in the list: this is just standard). You will also see any repairs we have raised for communal areas: small repairs will be done by our caretakers, but we will get a contractor in to fix bigger problems.

Check on MyHightown

Leaving things in hallways

You cannot leave items in communal areas. If there was a fire, your items could be a hazard and could stop people getting out of the building safely. Our Estate Officers check all hallways on their regular estate inspections; if they find items left out they will remove them.