Buying a new cooker? Some things you need to know...

Ordering a new gas or electric cooker can be a bit of a hassle because you can’t just plug it in.

We always recommend getting in a qualified professional to install any cookers – gas or electric.

A lot of cookers should not be plugged directly into your mains electricity supply and need to be tested with special equipment when they are installed.

Installation with delivery isn’t always a good deal...

A lot of retailers offer an installation service with delivery of the cooker, which may seem like a handy option rather than hiring a separate qualified electrician or gas engineer. But we have heard from some unhappy residents who have used a cooker installation service with delivery.

Our residents have found that their cookers were not fitted properly and they had to get electricians out to fix the problem.

We would always advise you to use a qualified electrician or gas-safe engineer to install cookers, to make sure they are installed correctly and safely, which could save you time, stress and money in the long run.

Even if the seller offers you an installation service in the deal, just double check that the person fitting the cooker will be qualified to do the job.