As long as asbestos is in a good condition and not disturbed, it can be perfectly safe.  

If you are worried that there is asbestos in your home in poor condition or where it might be disturbed or damaged, please call 01442 292301.

  • Hightown staff will investigate and respond to you in writing within 24hrs of your call.
  • If we find that:
    1. the asbestos is in good condition & not likely to be disturbed we will:
      • Leave it where it is.
      • Record it's location in the asbestos register.
      • Clearly label the asbestos.
      • Inform all residents.
    2. there might be a risk or if we are unsure about the safety of the asbestos, we will:
      • appoint a consultant to investigate.
  • We will then write to you with the results of the investigation.