When you are ready to move on we'll help you sell your share of your home.
Your lease gives us a period (usually about 8 weeks) to find a buyer, after which you can sell privately or through an estate agent.

Please see below for information on the process of selling your home and then log in to your MyHightown account to begin the process.

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Selling your home: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Valuing your home

    Your lease sets out how the valuer should assess the value of your home.

    You can choose the valuers you want from our list of RICS qualified valuers. We will then formally instruct the valuers. See our list of approved valuers

    There is a fee of £354.00 that pays towards the costs of the valuations and administration process.

    The valuer will value 100% of your home, and the value of your share will be based on the proportion which you own. 

    Valuations are valid for three months. After this time we may request a validation of that value at a cost of £72. This may need to be repeated approximately eight weeks before exchange of contracts. This can only be done on a maximum of two occasions, after which a full valuation at a fee of £354 will be required.  

    If you have carried out any improvements you need to let us know what you've done so the valuer can take these into account.

    If you wish to sell and simultaneously staircase (buy all the shares in your home) the value without improvements will be used to calculate the price paid to Hightown for your share.

  • Instructing Hightown

    Once you have chosen your 2 valuers, you need to inform Hightown that you want to sell your home and send in your valuation fee. We will formally instruct the valuer and bring the process of marketing your home.

    To instruct Hightown:

    1. Log in online and submit our form, telling us of your intention to sell and provide any information we may need to market your home.
    2. Pay your £354 valuation fee. You can call 01442 292300 to do this.  Please use your property address as your reference.


  • Approving the purchaser

    Prospective purchasers have to complete our shared ownership application form, to help us check that they are eligible, and can afford to buy your home and live there.

    These checks will reduce the likelihood of a sale falling through.

    Hightown will also approve the prospective shared owner’s mortgage.

  • After the nominations period

    If we don’t find a buyer within your nominations period you can sell on the open market - usually through an estate agent.
    If you instruct an agent, Hightown will no longer actively market your home.

    If you use an estate agent, please provide us their details and make sure they are aware we need to approve prospective shared owners. We can give them details of the information we require to approve potential purchasers.

    If you are selling on the open market, most leases will allow you to sell either your existing share or 100% of your home by a simultaneous staircase and resale.
    This is likely to increase your legal costs.

  • Handling purchaser’s enquiries

    Once a purchaser has been found, their solicitor will ask questions about your home, through your solicitor.

    For a small administration charge, Hightown can provide your solicitor with a standard pack of information that is likely to address these questions.

    A copy of our administration fees is available on request and will be enclosed with your Memorandum of Sale.

  • Completion

    On the day of completion you will need to make arrangements to handover keys to the purchaser.
    You should also take meter readings and notify your utility suppliers of the final readings.

    If you have any queries on selling your home please contact the Home Ownership Team on 01442 292343 or email home.ownership@hightownha.org.uk.

If you have any queries on selling your home please contact the Home Ownership Team on 01442 292343 or email home.ownership@hightownha.org.uk.