Our Residents Voice and Scrutiny Panel met in January to receive a presentation on the Government's new Social Housing White Paper that proposes lots of changes to increase the amount of involvement residents have and the information they are given so that their landlords can be held accountable. There will be consultation and legislation over the coming year and we will update you as this progresses. The Panel also received the performance information they had requested and were particularly pleased to see the support that is being given to residents who are struggling financially during the pandemic.

Due to the impact of coronavirus, we have not been able to have our usual face to face meetings with residents, and we have had to change the way we work with residents to keep everyone safe. We’ve increased our digital and remote resident involvement options, including mystery shopping and email feedback. We relaunched our programme of mystery shopping in April. Our Mystery Shoppers provide feedback on the customer service provided by Hightown staff, measured against our Customer Charter. This helps us understand what we are doing well, and to identify areas we could improve. A group of residents helped us to review our leaflets,  gave us insight into how we communicate with residents through our leaflets, and what information they would like to be included.

In December, we held our first virtual door knocking event by calling residents at an estate to gather their feedback. Residents gave us positive feedback, and made improvement suggestions. We will be updating the residents who took part with our action plan to address their improvement suggestions.

At Hightown, we are trying new and innovative resident involvement activities to enhance our digital engagement opportunities. We will be creating a series of webinars and videos, addressing topics that are important to residents. 

If you would like to:

  • get involved in our resident involvement activities,
  • suggest a topic for a webinar,
  • request a virtual door knock on your estate,
  • find out more,

You can email us at Involve@hightownha.org.uk or call our Resident Involvement Lead, Charlene Samuels, on 01442 292 560. Alternatively, you can express your interest in resident involvement via the MyHightown Portal. If you haven't registered for our MyHightown Portal, go the Resident Login tab on our website and register today. No prior knowledge is necessary to get involved and it is a great way to make a contribution to your community and make a real difference.