Our residents are at the heart of everything that we do. We couldn't do this without the team of Hightown residents who give up some of their time to meet with us and share their views.  Take a look at what they  have been up to in the last six months.

Housing Scrutiny Committee

The Housing Scrutiny Committee meets four times per year to discuss a variety of things - from our latest policies to how we are doing against our targets. It helps us to make sure we are answering to our residents and getting their views.

This year, the Committee has looked at:

  • Improving our estates - the Committee looked at ideas from residents for how our estates could be improved. They recommended four projects from the ideas they looked at. You can read about last year's ideas in our latest Annual Report for Residents
  • Hightown policy updates - they reviewed our policies on neighbourhood management, domestic abuse, sustainability and community cohesion, financial inclusion and procurement. All of these went to the Committee to look at and review. They also helped us to decide what was most important to spend our budget on in the next year.
  • Our new Social Lettings Agency - the Committee looked at our new scheme for private landlords. The scheme encourages landlords to let Hightown manage their homes so we can use them to house homeless people.
  • Tenancy Fraud and our out-of-hours services - the Committee had an update on our out-of-hours service and what we are doing to tackle tenancy fraud.

Residents’ Panel

Our Residents' Panel is a more informal group of Hightown residents and staff. It gives our residents the opportunity to give feedback on our service and help us to improve.

The last six months have been really busy for our Residents' Panel, but here are some highlights:

  • The Panel helped to shape the Residents' Annual Report in its new digital format. Take a look here...
  • St Albans police came in to give the Panel some information on the services they provide for our residents.
  • The Panel took a close look at our customer service. They reviewed our Customer Charter (which sets out our core service standards), how quickly we aim to get repairs fixed, and how we get feedback from residents.
  • They also looked at our Resident Involvement opportunities; the way residents can get involved in lots of different ways: from influencing key decisions to looking closely at our repairs or housing management services. They decided that what Hightown offers is good value for money and has positive results.
  • Our Residents' Panel joined our Board for our annual Summer Tour around a mix of our estates and services.


 We would like to say a big thank you to all of our involved residents for all the work they have put in during 2016.