Things to look out for with gambling addictions

  • Overcoming social isolation by visiting betting shops/casinos. 
  • Feeling a "rush" of adrenaline and dopamine. 
  • Numb, unpleasant feelings and problems that cannot easily be resolved. 
  • Boredom and a desire to pass the time. 
  • A way to relax and unwind after a hard day. 
  • Feeling a loss of control and being unable to manage impulsive urges to gamble even when the odds are against you. 
  • Issues within the workplace, which can include an increased workload, absence from work, lack of concentration. 
  • Loss of interest in other hobbies and ignoring family responsibilities. 
  • Increasing the quantities gambled to recoup lost bets. 
  • Concealing the amount of money and time spent betting from family members. 
  • Stealing money in order to gamble. 
  • Denial 
  • You may experience some physical symptoms which can include headaches, irritable, stress related symptoms. 


Self Help Tips 


  • Pay important bills on pay day, such as your rent. 
  • Spend more time with friends and family that do not gamble. 
  • Deal with your debts, please do not ignore them. 


  • View gambling as a way to make money, try and see it as entertainment. 
  • Bottle up your worries about your gambling, please speak to someone. 
  • Take credit cards with you when you go gambling.