Gaining permission for a pet

Sometimes we can't give permission to everyone who wants a pet. We have to consider the welfare of our other residents, and the animal itself. We do not give permission for our tenants to keep cats or dogs in flats.

In general, you would be given permission if:

  • you live in a house with your own garden
  • you live in a flat with a private¬†garden or direct access outside
  • you want to keep a small, caged animal or reptile
  • you have an official guide dog or dog for the hard of hearing

We judge each situation separately so it may not always be possible to let you have a pet, even if one of the above applies to you. If you live on an estate that is not owned by Hightown, there may be extra rules about pets.

If you have a pet, you need to...

  • keep dogs on a lead outside your home
  • NOT let your pets foul in communal areas or gardens
  • NOT let you pet frighten or annoy other residents
  • keep it out of children's play areas
  • make sure other residents are not disturbed by smells or noises

Please think about your neighbours when you get a pet. If your pet causes a problem and we get a complaint, we may ask you to find a new home for it.

Apply for a pet