'Defects Period'

When you move into your new home, you will hear about the 'Defects Period'. In the first year after your home is built, the builder is responsible for fixing any repairs (NOT problems caused by wear & tear or damage).

At the end of that year, the builder will come around to inspect your home. Minor faults may only be fixed after that inspection so the builder can check that your home has fully settled.

You can still report repairs to our Repairs Team as normal, and they will get in touch with the builder. For more information on defects in your new home.

Top 5 important things to know:

  • Cracks - you will probably get 'settlement cracks' in the first year after your home is built. Often this is normal but if you notice a crack that's wider than a £1 coin, call our Repairs Team.

  • Heating - your home will need to dry out over the next year. To help this, keep your heating on a low, constant temperature. 'Blasting' the heating on & off may encourage cracking or condensation.

  • Vents- make sure you use any extractor fans and keep window vents open to help your home dry out.

  • Decorating - please DO NOT decorate in your first year or change any fixtures or fittings (e.g. light fittings). If you make changes, the builder will not be responsible for fixing any problems. The builder may have also used a light paint designed to let moisture out and help your home dry out.

  • Occupiers' Manual - you would have got an Occupiers' Manual when you signed your tenancy agreement. This booklet is written specifically for your home and is worth a read if you'e not sure about where to find things, or how something works.

  • Tools for repairs and decorating

    Your home and repairs

    Our Repairs team use local contractors to get your repairs sorted as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.