Asbestos is perfectly safe if it is undamaged and not in a place where it can be disturbed. We comply with all legislation relating to asbestos. If your home was built after 2000 then it is unlikely to have any asbestos in it.

If you think you have asbestos in your property that is damaged, please do not disturb it in any way. Please contact us as soon as possible giving full details of where you think the asbestos is and what condition it is in.

How we will deal with asbestos

If the asbestos is in poor condition or is likely to be damaged or disturbed, we will carry out a risk assessment and appropriate action will be taken e.g. encapsulation or removal.

We use licensed asbestos contractors to carry out tests to the appropriate area and if necessary, any works relative to the treatment or removal of asbestos based materials.

Asbestos that is not likely to be damaged or not likely to be worked on will remain in its location. However, the asbestos will be identified and its location recorded in the asbestos register. Where it is safe to leave asbestos, you will be fully informed and where appropriate, labels will be clearly affixed.


Stage 1
A member of staff will receive and investigate your call within one working day and confirm the outcome to you in writing.

Stage 2
If asbestos is present and in good condition and cannot readily be damaged nothing will be done at present as it is not a danger.

Stage 3
If we are unsure, we will appoint a consultant to investigate.

Stage 4
We will inform you of the results of the investigation in writing. If there is asbestos within the home that needs to be removed, we will arrange for a specialist contractor to carry out the works.

Please remember that asbestos is perfectly safe if it is in a sound undisturbed condition.

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