If you would like to find a new home, there are several different options that you can consider.

Mutual exchange

If you have a secure, fixed-term or assured tenancy, one of the quickest ways to move would be by mutual exchange (find out more about different types of tenancies).

In a mutual exchange you would swap your tenancy with another housing association or council tenant.

How to find an exchange

1. Visit HomeSwapper. You can use this website to look for a new home and advertise your home to other tenants.

Make sure your advert has a photo and read our advice on how to best present you home read our advice.

2. Contact your local council. Some councils hold lists of people looking to mutual exchange.

3. Advertise. You can put up a notice in local shops, newspapers, etc.

Once you have found a partner to swap with, get in touch with us to start the process of swapping your tenancy.

You cannot apply for an exchange if:

  • you rent on the Intermediate Rent or Rent-to-Homebuy scheme.
  • you have a Starter Tenancy (find out more about starter tenancies).
  • your rent account isn't clear.
  • there is significant damage to your home that needs to be fixed first.
  • the property would be too big or small for the family moving in.
  • your property has special adaptations for tenants with specific needs and you want to swap with someone who doesn't have those needs.
  • we have served a notice on your tenancy.
  • your property is reserved for local people, and the family moving in doesn't have a local connection.
  • we're taking legal action against your tenancy.

What happens next?

You will need to fill in a form to apply for your exchange, please speak to a Housing Officer.

We will visit your home to check for any damage or alterations that need to be fixed before you can exchange.

We will write a report for your new landlord, who will also write a report on your 'swap partner'. If both landlords are happy, you will be able to swap. You will have a decision from us within 42 days.

You will both sign some paperwork to exchange your tenancies. 

You must not swap keys until you have our permission and the paperwork is done.

Please note: once you swap tenancies, you take on all the responsibilities of the other persons tenancy. This could include any changes or damage to the property. Make sure you're happy with the condition of the property before you move in.

Read more about mutual exchange.