New Build
Once you’ve viewed the property, you can ask to reserve it, which means it’ll be taken off the market.
You will need to pay a reservation deposit of £500, which is payable by cheque (made payable to Hightown), or by debit card via phone.

Please note l The reservation deposit is subject to £250 administrative fee if you do not pass the application process or you withdraw your application.

The reservation deposit is not refundable once your application has been approved. However it will be deducted from the purchase price on completion.

You’ll also be required to confirm contact details for your acting solicitor and IFA/lender.
Once your application has been approved, formal documentation will then be sent to you, your solicitors and IFA/lender to start the purchasing process.

We will keep you informed on the progress of your purchase.
You will need to liaise directly with your solicitor and IFA/lender.

Once you’ve viewed the property available for resale, you can submit your application form. If your application is accepted to be assessed and you wish to proceed, you will need to pay a reservation fee of £250, which is payable by debit card over the 'phone to, reserve the property.

Please note l If you withdraw your application the £250 reservation fee will not be refunded. If your application is unsuccessful and you are not eligible to purchase the property £95 of the reservation fee will be retained.

However, if your application is successful and you go on to purchase the resale property the reservation fee will be credited to your rent account.

Once your application has been approved:
We will need details of your solicitor and IFA/lender so that we can issue the memorandum of sale to all parties involved.
You will need to formally instruct a solicitor and submit a mortgage application.
You will then be responsible for liaising directly with your solicitor and IFA/lender to progress the purchase of the property and your mortgage application.