Choice-based lettings

Properties available to let by Local authorities and Housing Associations are advertised every two weeks on Local authority Choice-based lettings websites. Some Local authorities produce property 'Available to let' flyers to advertise property details and display at their offices and in the local area - locations of the flyers is listed on their Choice-based lettings websites.

You cannot apply to Hightown directly - you must contact your local authority.

The Process

  • Express your interest, once you have seen a property you would like to be considered for - known as ‘bidding.
  • Check that you are eligible for the properties you bid for – e.g. suitable for your family size, usually you can bid for up to three properties each fortnight.
  • Review the User Guides for each Choice-based letting scheme to find out more information about how properties are advertised and how to bid - usually online or by phone but some schemes also take bids by text message or post.
  • Review how properties in previous adverts were let by looking at the feedback sheets on the Choice-based lettings websites.
  • Review the priority of successful bidders (their band or points) and how long they have waited to be housed.
  • Use this information to help decide which properties you might want to bid on (e.g. if houses are going to bidders who have been on the waiting list a very long time, but flats are going to people who have only been on the list a short time, you may decide to bid on flats rather than houses, in order to get a property more quickly).
  • Register with the local authority where you wish to live in order to participate in their Choice-based lettings scheme - this is compulsory.
  • Contact your Local authority office or download an application form from the Local authority website, or for more information go to

If you are accepted onto the scheme, your level of priority for housing will be assessed and you will be told which band you are in, or how many points you have.

Your priority will affect your chances of being housed.