Stephen, Home Ownership Officer (2021 graduate)

What was your background before you started your job at Hightown? 

I attended the University of Southampton where I studied a joint honours Film Studies and History degree. I worked at Tesco for three years before joining Hightown as a graduate. 

What have you enjoyed most about your time as a graduate?

I have enjoyed learning about different parts of the business. The graduate scheme allows you to get a good overview of a variety of roles and departments.

What have some of the challenges been in your graduate role?

Although it’s a positive that you get to see so much of the business, I've found switching departments to be challenging as it feels like you move on to a new team once you get the hang of something. However, each team has made the transition as easy as possible so you soon feel confident in each department.  

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone applying for a graduate role, what would it be?

Have some experience driving on motorways before you start.

What is the biggest thing you have learnt/taken away from your time as a graduate?

Confidence and presenting skills.

If you had to choose three celebrities to be stuck in a lift with, who would it be?

Ian Wright, Eminem, James Acaster