As one of the fastest growing housing associations, Hightown has made it our mission to deliver the affordable housing that will contribute to ending homelessness. Over the next two years, we will add 1,000 more homes to our existing portfolio. As we are a not-for-profit organisation with a social purpose, any surplus we make is re-invested into developing more homes and improving our existing homes in the local areas in which we operate.

However, our impact extends beyond being a housing developer and landlord. Through our resident involvement activities, we are empowering our tenants, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are embedded into services that directly contribute towards their quality of life. Our housing team makes a tangible difference to the lives of vulnerable tenants, through services such as financial inclusion and safeguarding for victims of domestic abuse and people living with mental health challenges. At the same time, our care and supported housing (C&SH) schemes enhance the lives of service users, helping them gain independence and take control, so they can enjoy the same opportunities as everyone. As a large local employer, we are also dedicated to developing our workforce through training, apprenticeships and wellbeing activities.

We are also committed to reducing our impact on the environment and contributing towards Net Zero by 2050, through increasing the energy efficiency of our homes and using sustainable construction methods.

 2022/23 Impact Highlights

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